Liver ViraStripe® IgG Test Kit


Immunoassay for the detection of IgG antibodies to liver specific autoantigens in human serum for diagnosis and confirmation of liver associated autoimmune hepatitides and differential diagnostics to viral and drug induced hepatitides.

The Liver ViraStripe® is an immunoblot which carries highly purified liver specific autoantigens: pyruvate dehydrogenase of M2 mitochondrial complex (M2-PDH), liver cytosolic antigen type1 (LC1), liver-kidney-microsomes (LKM-1) and soluble liver antigen (SLA). The control section of each strip includes a serum control, three conjugate controls and a cut off control.



Order No.
Product description
V-LISGSK Liver ViraStripe® IgG Test Kit 25 tests
V-LISGPK Liver ViraStripe® IgG Positive Control 330 µl
V-LISGNK Liver ViraStripe® IgG Negative Control 330 µl